Law no. 172-13 which aims at the comprehensive protection of personal data established in Files, public registers, data Banks or other technical means of data processing intended to provide reports, whether public or private. G. o. no. 10737 of 15 December 2013. Article 44. – right to privacy and personal honor. Everyone has the right to privacy. Respect and non-interference in the private, family, home and correspondence of the individual is guaranteed. The right to honour, good name and self-image is recognised. Any authority or individual who violates them is obliged to compensate or repair them in accordance with the law. (…) 2) everyone has the right to have access to the information and data on him or her or on his or her property contained in official or private records, as well as to know the destination and use to which they are put, within the limitations set by law. The processing of personal data and information or their property shall be carried out in compliance with the principles of quality, legality, loyalty, security and purpose. It may request before the competent judicial authority the updating, opposition to the processing, rectification or destruction of any information that illegitimately affects its rights; This is personal data that they receive from their clients in relation to the operations carried out by financial intermediation entities regulated by the monetary, financial and agent law.