For many people, the holiday season means spending quality time with friends and family. And while the holidays are a joyful time of year, they can also be stressful, especially if you have to greet visitors from outside the city, look for last-minute gifts, or head to a beachfront hotel, along with hundreds of other holidaymakers.

Take the stress out of your vacation with a getaway to a private villa. Your vacation is more than just your villa, it’s all about the experience, and our award-winning concierge team will help you tailor your getaway to what matters most to you. Here are some reasons why a holiday in a private villa is perfect for the holidays:

– Avoid the chaos of the grocery store: To enjoy a stress-free vacation, avoid the long lines and frustration of out-of-stock food products, as the purchase will be waiting for you in your villa even before you arrive.- Don’t spend the day cooking: To really enjoy the holiday, avoid preparing the turkey at 4 in the morning and, instead, enjoy a quiet morning sleeping or sipping coffee overlooking the sea. Let your chef prepare a meal tailored to your family’s wishes, even chicken nuggets for the pickyest!

– Avoid planning: If you’re traveling during the holiday season, avoid the pain of coordinating arrival times and airport transfer logistics by letting your personal concierge take care of your getaway guesswork. Delays? No problem, we are here to help.

– Avoid cleaning: If you really want to avoid the stress of the holidays, stay in a private villa with all the staff, including a butler, a chef and, most importantly, a housekeeper who takes care of all the dishes. To make your holiday truly relaxing.

– Create memories without going crazy. Holidays are all souvenirs, but coordinating activities, splitting payments and arranging transport and car hire can make experiences less enjoyable for you – that’s where our concierge service comes in.

We strive to make your villa getaway an exceptional experience for your entire group. So next holiday season, erase the stress of planning, cleaning, cooking and laundry. Don’t worry about getting in with strangers at your resort bar – enjoy a delicious cocktail at your private pool, prepared by your private butler, overlooking the ocean in Jamaica. Whatever idea you have of your ideal vacation, let us help you make it happen.