About us.

This is how it all started! Our founder, Javier Herrera, lawyer by profession, hotelier, connoisseur of DR tourism, a specialist in receptive tourism, in 2012, started the company as a vacation rental agency. Grupo Actúa rentals, was born by the request of several International rental agents.

With a continuous expansion, today aims to be one of the leading luxury vacation rental agencies in the DR. 

We’ve been offering inspiring and memorable travel experiences for more than 10 years. We work hard to make sure that our villas live up to your expectations.
The properties we choose are checked and inspected meticulously by our team of specialists on a regular basis to ensure that your home away from home is everything you’ve wished for.

Our main objective is to offer numerous, well-designed and unique services for travelers and our tourism partners.

Our personal contact with customers and our continuous effort to satisfy the needs of travelers by offering them the best travel experience distinguishes our services. We constantly seek to improve on a daily basis, all for the benefit of those who rely on us for their unique vacations.

Director of Vacation Rentals

Mission, Vision and values

Mission: Grupo Actua has the mission of offering its clients the highest level of service and advice, providing them with all the necessary tools and market knowledge to satisfy their needs and enable them to make the right decision. Our owners trust us, our advice are very important for them and for our partners.

Vision: Grupo Actua aims to be a leading company in the Vacation Rental sector, effective, efficient, modern, competitive and with a vision of the future, fulfilling all the needs and desires of our client.


  •  Integrity
  •  Honesty
  • Respect
  • Transparency: In each of our efforts.
  • Commitment: Make every effort to give more than what is expected of us.
  • Satisfaction: We believe in a relationship in which our clients and employees feel a professional, authentic and motivating work environment in every way, always leaving an excellent final result.

Our Team

Javier Herrera

Manager & Development

+1 (809) 669-3061


Francia Veras

Operations Reserves Manager

 +1 (809) 224-1270


Rosangela Perdomo

Casa de Campo Manager

+1 (809) 757-5066


Elizabeth De la Cruz

Operations  Reserves Assistant

+1 (809) 997-5662


Lirka Segura

Cap Cana Manager

+1 (809) 258-6774




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